What adventure would you take on if you knew you couldn't fail?

Today, more than ever, life is about change. The question is not how to prevent change but rather how to manage it successfully.

"Dream...Plan...live it!" - coaching is a true investment in your most precious resource, You!

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Coaching session can be booked per hour (USD 180.- / CHF 165.--) and are exclusive of personal expenses for coachee and coach or choose from the different options below:

Soul Package
USD 390.- / CHF 350.-

Designed for people who like to get in touch with the longing of their soul!

1/2 day of outdoor coaching (3 hour)

Tap into your Energy - Package
USD 630.- / CHF 580.-

If you want to make a change in your life and get revitalized, then this is for you!

1 day of outdoor coaching (6 hours per day)

Taste for Life - Package
USD 2500.- / CHF 2'300.-

This is aimed at individuals wanting to feel the thrill of knowing that everything is possible!

1 week of outdoor coaching (5 days at 4 hours per day)

Got something else in mind? - Tell us about it. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements, so please call us to design a tailor made package for you.

We want to accommodate YOUR dream, so let's dream together!

Coaching sessions are available in English, German and French over the telephone or in person at a time and location convenient to you.