Silver Offers

Body, Mind & Soul – Meditation and Yoga Outdoor Sessions
1 Day

Allow yourself to experience gratitude and joy on a profound level surrounded by the beauty of nature. As you open your heart to gratitude, you open your life to joy. Learn to ride the wave of abundance. Feel the magic. Connect to the brilliant energy of light and joy that is already within you.

Feel The Beat – Open Energy Drumming Sessions
1 Day

Open your heart and feel the sensation of positive energy flowing through you while drumming:

  • At sunset on the shore of Lake Zurich
  • At sunrise on a mountain top in the Swiss Alps
  • Playing in a Caribbean Steel Band or a Brazilian Samba Band in Zurich

Shoot & Tell – Photo Safari
1 Day

Be amazed how pictures can talk to you and boost your energy. Learn more about yourself as you capture the energy of the surrounding beauty through pictures. Awaken your inner child and discover the passion within.

Energizing Day Trips
1 Day

Get in touch with the longings of your soul while being out and about. Realize the change your life is waiting for.

Vitalizing Outdoor Coaching
½  - 1 Day

Join our Outdoor Coaching and treat yourself to a break from your daily routine.
Feel revitalized energy in connection with your surroundings.

(Travel Coachees Meet) -- Small Group Coaching
2 hours

Share and reflect in a casual environment, gaining experience and new insights learning and exchanging with other “DreamPlanLive it” travel clients.