Gold Offers

Keep on Rolling – Biking in Tuscany, Italy
7 - 14 Days

Savor the taste of Italy and bike with us through the rolling landscape of Tuscany. Be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. Overcome your fears. Let go. Feel the thrill of knowing that everything is possible.

Dance in the moment – Mystery Tour of Switzerland
1 - 7 Days

Follow your heart to a new and uncharted adventure. Hop on a train, destination unknown. Listen to the song your heart sings. Hear it tell you where it wants you to go. Experience the joy of discovery present with what begins to unfold in front of your very eyes. This playful and fun journey will give you the confidence to trust your intuition and handle any situation that comes your way.

Living Senses – “The Hills Are Alive” Hiking Trip in Switzerland
1 Day

Feel all your senses come alive while hiking barefoot through one of the most beautiful alpine regions of Switzerland. Join us and be revitalized to the core of your soul.

I Want To Break Free – Sportive Outing
1 – 3 Days

Be all that you can be and explore the fun of movement while gaining self confidence.

Choose from:
Nordic Walking / Hiking / Climbing / Biking / Rollerblading / Beach Volleyball / Swimming / Boating / Sailing / Waterskiing / Canoeing / River Rafting / Cross Country and Downhill Skiing / Snow Shoe Hiking / Sledging

We Are The World – Drumming Circle
7 days

Be part of a drumming circle and connect with people around the world. Feel liberated and at the same time supported by the group. Express your own rhythm. Break free with a boost of self-confidence and a smile on your face.

Join us in:

  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • St. Petersburg, Florida USA
  • Hermosa Beach, California USA
  • Barcelona, Spain

Keep The Dream Alive – Individual or Small Group Coaching
2 hours

Infuse new perspectives into your daily life as you experience energy re-ignited and see possibilities unfold.