My inner healing...

Dieter is a deeply intuitive, sensitive coach.

He knows exactly how to hold your hand while at the same time, let go. There was a perfect balance of nurturing as well as gentle push. He guided me to a deep inner healing of my little girl.

I am still discovering the gifts that occurred in our coaching in Switzerland. They don’t stop when the coaching ends. This is a life long gift!

What Dieter and “Dream...Plan...Live it” has to offer must be shared with the world. I learned so much about trusting myself, loving myself and respecting myself.

Dieter helped to guide me home to a me I never knew has been there all along. I just didn’t appreciate myself. Dieter showed me the way. When I first arrived he had everything I needed to feel safe. As the days progressed he handed the responsibility gently, yet firmly back to me, showing me I could do it. 

He far surpassed any expectations I might have gone there with.  As you can see…
I can’t speak highly enough of Dieter and the entire experience.  It has transformed me!!!! - J.R.