Cross road in my life

I came to a cross road in my life. I felt trapped in a rat race and was tired and mentally exhausted from all the setbacks that I had endured.

I was constantly confronted with new problems that came out of nowhere. It felt like an eternal struggle without respite and end in sight. To get out of the old patterns, I saw the need to take up new perspectives, to better master all upcoming challenges, among other things, the responsibility as a single mother of two children.

I simply had no energy left to try new things or focus on what could really fulfill me in life and make me happy. On top of it, I did not feel supported by those around me to turn my life around for the better. I am glad I decided to see Dieter.

Since I have been working with him, I have restored my self-confidence and recovered my feeling that I can break out of my rat race. It feels good to rely once again on my gut feeling to make the right decisions. I now see new opportunities in my life that I can implement without neglecting my inner values, which I will honor in the future to preserve my personal happiness.

Dieter has always taken a neutral position, without judging me or my statements. With his help, I also changed the way how I communicate with others. I am now able to achieve new successes, making myself heard and understood without confrontation.

I appreciated very much that Dieter has taken part in my personal process with such empathy. I never felt under pressure and was always motivated by him to listen to my feelings and to follow my own path. I could tell him everything and he always listened to me with much appreciation.

Our coaching meetings were intense, but always light-hearted and with plenty of humor. Dieter’s coaching style is uncomplicated and solution focused, as he always had the right questions ready to get me back on track, when I was tired or trying to avoid the change needed. I consider myself very lucky to have found Dieter as a coach and I thank him for his patience. I could not have done it without him. - S.B.