Experiencing winter wonderland

The time has come to realize a dream on my bucket list. I felt I was ready for a change in my life to move on to a bigger life. My divorce has become final and I needed to go somewhere fun. Going to Switzerland has been on my dream list for quite some time. I have wanted to go to a winter wonderland in February for about five years now and I was now just following my heart to do this. Even though I have been in fear, I now trusted this process.

When I looked up Wengen in Switzerland and it said on there it was a winter wonderland I thought oh, this was what I was supposed to be doing. I contacted Dieter, from “dream plan live it”, as I realized that I felt blindfolded as I did not know what to do or where to stay. It would be wonderful to have his guidance to follow through on my dream. Would there be a possibility he could recommend a place to stay? I was even thinking of a couple of nights couch-surfing to meet people. I'd also like to see Interlaken and take that train to the top.

So many questions that went through my head… and there was that fear coming up again…that’s sense of overwhelm… can I really afford it?...My funds were limited more than I thought they would be…travelling all by myself to a new destination, where I didn’t know my way around? Will people there all speak English? Do I just let fate work in me as I go on my excellent adventure? And if it is not this time, well maybe I might consider another time..... maybe this is just not the right time???!!!...
I didn’t know anymore!

I would have cancelled my trip right there and then, if it were not for Dieter’s reinforcement to follow my heart. I thanked him for hearing me, I admired his life. He encouraged me that this will be a kick start to my new exciting life and that he will support me in fulfilling my dream. He made me aware of the fact that part of my process was not to give up so close to realizing one of my dreams - as long as I would doubt, I will have a hard time finding my destined path. Dieter empathized how important it would be for me to go on my “excellent adventure”. This would be the perfect time! Being in the environment of my dreams "winter in Switzerland" would open me up for the focus and the wants of my perfect future!

I was glad to know, that Dieter could give the right impulses to catapult me towards my desired state. I so appreciated his words, and yes, I did relate to all he said. Janice had just raved about Dieter and “dream plan live it” so much, and was so insistent he had much to offer me, and by the looks of his Facebook postings, I did have to agree. That being said, I wanted to be honest and say, going to Switzerland has been on my dream list for quite some time, so I will be so grateful to do this, even with stretching my comfort zone of going there by myself.

Feeling his positive energy through his words, I suddenly had that feeling deep inside me, that at all times I would be supported and guided which made me feel safe again...my excitement returned immediately, knowing that with his support I could do it! I was now so excited to go there and happy to meet Dieter in person. He started to rave about how there are so many ways to enjoy winter wonderland in Switzerland, even having Zurich as a hub and that would give me some tips about organizing my trip. Once I would be in Switzerland, he could set me up for great trips which do not cost an arm and a leg...ex: breath taking views while walking on the top of snowy mountains...cozy cabins with fire places, sleigh ride being immersed in the middle of winter wonderland...walks through snow covered forests and much more.

The time was now to live my dream. Letting my inner child out to play sounded like so much fun. The next thing I knew…my flights were booked. Yeah!!! Happily I went ahead and booked three nights each in Zurich and Interlaken. Dieter fed me with all the information I needed, as to which train to take from the airport to Interlaken and what to do and where to go. He had the exact two things in mind for me to do, as I have planned…perfect!

On a sunny Saturday I took the train from Interlaken to the “Kleine Scheidegg”, had lunch and then hopped back on the train to the top of "Jungfrau Joch" – just spectacular to be amongst all those snow covered mountains! – The next day, another magnificent day, I took another train to Mürren, where I spent some time in that little winter wonderland village, which is totally car free….I didn't want to leave. Later on, the cabin took me up to the top of the "Schilthorn" – a rotating restaurant with spectacular views (one of the James Bond movies was filmed there), where I had a wonderful lunch. Then on my down the mountain, I met this guy who was a delta glider pilot and he offered tandem rides.

The next thing I knew, I totally stretched my comfort zone and joined the pilot for my first ever delta gliding ride….how exhilarating and once of a life time experience it was. I didn’t know myself anymore….my little girl really came out to play! That evening I went to dinner by myself, out of my comfort zone again and heard a lady from Australia that was by herself and asked her if she wanted to join me. We had a great chat and a great evening…it just kind of fell into place. That is what life is all about...dancing in the moment...welcoming opportunities into my life...and sharing the love! The next day I made my way to Zurich, were I arrived midday. These train rides were so peaceful and beautiful alike. I was proud of myself, finding my little place, a yoga studio where I would stay the next three nights. I actually found the place on airbnb. In the afternoon I was just acclimating myself with the area and took a stroll along the Lake of Zurich.

On Tuesday I was excited to finally have met Dieter. We got our train tickets at the station in Zurich and off we went. He took me by train to another wonderful old village in the mountains called Arosa. We had so much to talk about it and I finally could tell him about all my adventures so far. In Chur we changed trains. After endless curves and passing high bridges, the red train brought us all the way up to Arosa. At the station in Arosa, a private sleigh, drawn by two horses waited for us, what a treat! After feeding the horses the carrots I have brought along for the ride, we both took a seat and covered us with fur blankets. I was excited about what was unfolding in front of my eyes. In the outdoors here in Switzerland, I noticed, I have always experienced a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Dieter also provided a safe environment for me and time to relax and truly enjoy.

This was the most amazing ride…it took us for two hours way up the mountain, through the most magnificent snow dreamland, across ski runs and by couples and families walking on trails. We were totally immersed in the winter wonderland I came to Switzerland for. What a mind blowing experience it was. Now I know what Dieter has meant with, using a playful approach to have you get in touch again with your inner child in pursuit of a fuller, more joyous and meaningful life. Alone and together with Dieter I have now lived my dream...I challenged myself to expand my comfort zone and learned to regain that deep self-trust. This certainly gave me confidence to tackle my next goals in my new exciting life.

A great way to undwind and bring the fun filled day to a closure, was that Dieter took me to the rehearsal of his Steel drum band that evening; great Caribbean sound! I met Dieter for lunch the next day to have a final chat and to say goodbye to him.

It was such a magical week in Switzerland, experiencing winter wonderland, and I can’t wait to go back! Thank you once again, Dieter, for having taken time to meet with me and having guided me through my journey.