Awaken your Inner Child

Living Senses - “The Hills Are Alive”. Feel all your senses come alive while hiking barefoot through one of the most beautiful alpine regions of Switzerland. Join us and be revitalized to the core of your soul. This is a package we offer at dreamplanliveit, it encourages you to break out and play in the interest of self-discovery, achieve awareness about how and where old mechanisms may be keeping you “stuck”, and come away infused with energy, motivation and confidence to design and pursue your most radiant life always nurturing your inner child.

Remember when we were toddlers at the age of two, we had that deep self-trust. We knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were good enough. We were at ease with who we were. We were open and curious about each moment. We didn’t judge people or events as good or bad, nor did we blame anyone. Instead we were showing our feelings in the moment and without reservation.

Our joy was complete joy. Our anger and our tears were full and intense. We recovered from the setbacks of life in minutes. We were not self-conscious about what we were doing or about how we looked while doing it. Life was an adventure that we explored passionately and intensely. What happened to us? - Most of us forgot how it was.... we now are often caught in destructive behaviors based on fears and limiting believes that do not nurture our self-love and our inner child. When did you last let your inner child out to play?

The child in us is mostly looking forward to the simple things. Remember again all things that gave you joy as a child. Often it was the very simple things that made us forget everything around us. Playing in the sand at the beach, collecting shells, playing with friends outside till after sunset.

This June, I took a group up to Appenzell for a barefoot hike. We were going to use a playful approach to get them in touch again with their inner child in pursuit of a fuller, more joyous and meaningful life. Playing is discovering, playing brings aliveness and allows us to grow. Playing means taking risks and facing your fears. Playing focusses on being and doing and increases your self-confidence.

That is what it is, letting the child in you out again - to play, dance, laugh, shout, run, get wet & dirty, jump into puddles, play in the mud, feel connected with friends and with the earth, do forbidden things, have fun, be one with nature, weave stories together, walk in the rain, feel grounded, eat with your fingers, be grateful…enjoy the simple pleasures…let it all out…and much more…

Allowing the kid inside of YOU to really have fun and just let him/her be wild and free. - It’s all about rediscovering this child-like state of mind. At the same time, the members of the group had to be attentive and watch, where their fears and limiting believes were coming up. They got challenged to stretch their comfort zone and regain that deep self-trust. Be it being led barefoot and blindfolded over various surfaces, building together a dam in an ice cold river, running full speed being blindfolded or making their way through knee high mud. What fun it was, to let their inner child out to play.

With a “nurturing your inner child – life visualization” at the end of their exciting day, they individually come to a conclusion, as to what behaviors they would like to adopt, change or improve in order to permanently support and nurture their inner child.

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