Welcome to Bali!

One item on Doris's bucket list was to explore Bali, the island of the gods and worship once with the locals at a ceremony in the midst of the jungle.

dream plan live it made it possible - for more photos of this fabulous expedition, please "like" or go to my facebook page "dream plan live it".

Though more than a million tourists come to this island every year, the way of life of Balinese people remains the same. They are open to any different culture and welcome any people from every corner of the world, but one thing for sure is that they are strictly filled with their belief and tradition which unable the outside influences change their basic way of life.

They like you to come and see them, and when you leave, they want you to come back and become their friends or even part of their family.

Exploring Bali might be something you would like to experience and cross of YOUR bucket list! - contact us today for more information.