Ubud, the island's heart and soul

Ubud’s famous healing energy has been known since the days of the sages and in fact the very name “Ubud” derives from the word “Ubad” – or medicine – referring to the healing herbs that grow wild around the rivers and forests.

People gravitate to this little royal town from around the world seeking to heal, break from routine or just have their senses come back alive in one of the many magnificent spa’s in the middle of the jungle.

The island’s heart and soul and the geographical center of southern Bali is Ubud. Many people simply base their entire stay in the city and travel to other destinations from here.

The Ubud area is around two- to three hundred meters above sea level and surrounded by lush rice fields, which makes it noticeably cooler than then other destinations in Bali. Neighboring villages are well known for unique bamboo crafts and furniture, wood- and stone carving and many other crafts.

Ubud, the art center of Bali is also popular in part today because it is the best place in Bali to explore the island from. Be it by foot, bike or jeep, there is so much to see. At the same time you can indulge in spa and massage treatments, enjoy yoga & fine dining, go to a Jazz Café or shop at local galleries.

If you ever get bored and need more excitement, go to the sacred monkey forest, where the monkeys try to steal everything that you don’t hold on to.