Pass It On Network

Spreading Positive Aging Globally through the Pass It On Network.

Many older adults have been asked about their basic values: “What values matter the most to you?” Consistently, they talk about the importance of self-determination — making decisions for themselves. Then they tend to talk about maintaining maximum feasible self-sufficiency and wellness. Community participation is important, along with interaction with family and friends. And doing some meaningful work, paid or unpaid, contributes to healthy aging and to economic security, as needed.

Let's change the perception of aging - We are one generation awake and alive together - let's embody this intergenerational partnership paradigm!

Pass it on is a peer-to-peer network for older adults to help themselves and others enjoy productive, independent and satisfying lives as we all cope with economic upheaval and hardship, globalization, and new technologies in an aging society. The idea is simple: Connect Positive Aging advocates worldwide, via an Internet Platform and Country Liaisons, with innovative programs developed for and with older adults to help themselves and each other.

In this picture you'll see from left to right: Jan Hively and Moira Allan co-founders of the pass-it-on network and Dieter Zwicky from dreamplanliveit, who acts as a country liaison for Switzerland.