Head Coach Dieter

Dieter Zwicky is a man who lives his dreams and coaches others to find their passions and make them real. His zest for life may seem enviable, but he is clear that the joy he embodies is available to all. Knowing that the only thing that really stops us is ourselves, he has always challenged himself to go farther, explore more, dig deeper and discover the vastness of life itself. As a dynamic and highly sought after life and travel coach, he invites his clients to join him on their journey around the block or around the world.

Dieter was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. When he was sixteen years old, he and a group of friends climbed aboard the Orient Express to go from Basel to Baghdad and back again. Their adventure took them into the wild Kurdistan trading Swiss watches for fur coats meeting a myriad of strangers along the way. At seventeen, he threw a compass over his back to see where it would land on a world map. Wherever it stuck was where he and a friend had pledged to go. It landed in the middle of Northern Africa in the dessert of South Algeria. Off they went by train, bus and ultimately hitchhiking with a UN Convoy from Belgium, bringing sugar, flour and other goods to the drought ridden Niger. Reality dawned with three days left of summer break when ingenuity and the kindness of strangers helped them travel thousands of miles to get back to school just 8 hours before classes began.

After completing his baccalaureate studies, he was invited to attend the world-renowned Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) where he earned a "Diplôme D’Etudes Hôtelières Supérieures". With degree in hand, the multi-lingual adventurer once again set off by train from Basel to Luxembourg then by air over Reykjavik/Island to Nassau/Bahamas to make his way to Miami, Florida. There he bought a VW Beetle convertible and together with a friend he travelled across the United States to end up in San Francisco. Dieter found the perfect spot to begin his professional career when he became the Operations Manager for the popular Washington Square Bar & Grill in North Beach. Dieter’s responsibilities included handling public relations and business development, kitchen and office management, and quality assurance. The legendary Italian restaurant offered nightly live jazz and was a famous meeting place for well-known writers, artists and politicians, but it was through his management of a multi-cultural staff of employees that he discovered a special affinity for coaching.

After nearly ten years in San Francisco, Dieter returned to Zurich to be closer to his family. He joined the executive ranks of American Express International and went on to head up a number of groups within the corporation, including Switzerland’s Platinum Card travel & lifestyle division. He developed a reputation for honing high performance work teams through solid recruiting, coaching and employee development efforts. Under his inspirational leadership, sales targets were consistently surpassed and the overall productivity increased substantially.

Following his tenure at American Express, Dieter set out on a yearlong trip around the world. Being an avid percussionist in a samba and steel drum band he gets energized and lives his passion by immersing himself in the crowd at the Brazilian Carnival or local Latin Street festivals and shares true happiness with the smiling people around him. His travels would reinforce his personal belief in the power of adventure - to renew, restore, and provide novel experiences that lead one to uncover new perspectives. It was during that voyage that his future direction would become clear: to help others embrace their passions and lead more enriched lives. Upon his return to Europe, he began his professional coaching career with intensive training at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in London. This would set the stage for the creation of his companies “i-Coach” and now “Dream…Plan…Live it!”

Dieter coaches clients of all ages to help them achieve clarity about what they truly value and bring those ideals into being. He has been a course leader for the State of Zurich assisting unemployed clients successfully re-enter the job market. He is the author of numerous articles in monthly publications, offering advice on expatriate assimilation and integration issues. As a 2young2retire certified facilitator, he works with those who are looking for greater satisfaction in their post-career years.

His playfulness and free spirit are infectious. Expanding on his offers of intimate one-on-one coaching, Dieter has broadened his practice to take individuals wherever their hearts desire and motivate them to reach beyond and thus live more expansive, fulfilling lives. Along the way, he shares his compassionate ability to evoke the best in them, coaching and coaxing his clients to find the joy he knows is theirs to have.