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Our coaching style

The model of coaching that we offer is based on "co-active" coaching. This means that our partnership is founded on interactive participation. You will take the lead in realizing the results you want. Coaching is neither counselling nor therapy, which analyzes the past and focuses on problem solving.

Our coaching approach dispenses with problem analysis and instead is future-oriented and solution-focused.

Your personal “Dream...Plan...Live it!” Coach:

  • Helps you to discover your passion within and live your dream.

  • Clarifies the most important things you would like to achieve in your life.

  • Acts as objective sounding board for new ideas.

  • Stretches you beyond your comfort zone.

  • Brings out the best in you by building competence, confidence and courage.

  • Enables you to transform your potential into sustainable results.

Whatever you would like to change, we will guide you through a step-by-step interactive process to inspire and empower you to achieve the results – big or small – that you want in your life.