How it works


You come to us with a dream. Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be when you get there? Do you want to go solo with us or would you prefer to go with a spouse, a friend, your family or a group you know. Take a look at the exciting travel coaching packages we are planning and see if something strikes your fancy. Got something else in mind? Tell us about it as we would like to accommodate everyone’s dream!


Together we will design and plan that special package that’s just right for you. Before we take off, we will offer you a pre-travel coaching. We are all so different. Only you know what’s right for you. You may be ready to “take the leap“ into a brave new world or take a few wobbly baby steps toward the realization of your dream. You know you want to get there, but it seems a long way off. If that’s the case, we are here for you to coach you before you even step out the door living your adventure.

Live it!

Alone or together we now go and live your dream... In the outdoors you’ll experience a relaxed and fun atmosphere. We provide for you a safe environment and time to focus on your key issues. We use a playful approach to have you get in touch again with your inner child in pursuit of a fuller, more joyous and meaningful life.  You will shift your perspective through lightness and ease, enabling yourself to fully live in the present. We challenge you to expand your comfort zone and regain that deep self trust. At all times you will feel supported guided and enjoy our positive energy.

Being around us, you feel inspired by the avenues we show you and you walk away with a renewed expansive perspective, energized to move your life forward and embrace your power. Once you are back home again, we offer you “keep your dream alive” follow-up coaching sessions either personal or in small groups, as to assure sustainability and translation into day to day life.